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Happy Spring CBTC Family,

We hope you all had an opportunity to come out and play with use over these last few weeks as the weather continues to treat us so well. We have quite the year ahead of us as we introduce a yearly calendar, new members to our board, and a youth program! Our focus this year is Growth & Sustainability. We want to keep our members engaged not only as tennis players, but also as families and new members of our immediate community.

Some new and exciting things that you will find on our website will include:

  • Meet Our Team - Introduction to our board members.

  • Various Membership Options - Adult, Youth, Family etc.

  • The G.O.A.T Initiative - Our newly formed youth program focusing on Getting Our Adolescents into Tennis.

  • Calendar of Events 2022/2023

  • Coaches Corner - Coming Soon! This page will include a list of active members of our organization that will be willing to offer private lessons.

  • Members Page - Played a match with someone but can’t remember their name! This is a great resource to get to know your fellow members and build connections.

All of these new features have been put in to play with our player in mind. As you can see, we are looking forward to a tennis year of fun and growth. If there are any suggestions you have for our organization, please do not hesitate to share some feedback via our email at Have a wonderful week!

Tennis for Us

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