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Through Black Tennis Connect, we aim to grow the tennis community by leveraging technology to promote accessible opportunities to play and learn for people of color.




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Fostering Black Tennis Community Through Innovation

Black tennis history stands as a dynamic testament to sporting prowess and social advancement. Amidst the victories and obstacles faced by black tennis players, a profound sense of unity has blossomed, bridging individuals across diverse cultures and experiences.

With a commitment to innovation, we strive to establish an inclusive haven for players, coaches, and mentors from all walks of life. Our goal is to fortify and extend the connections within the black tennis community, fostering growth and solidarity.

Open Opportunity Initiative 

Annually, Black Tennis Connect collaborates with tennis tournaments across the United States, forging partnerships that open doors for marginalized communities to access tennis events at no cost. Through these strategic alliances, we champion inclusivity and provide opportunities for everyone to engage in the vibrant world of tennis.

“I love the professionalism, consistency, and most of all the people! This organization makes you feel like there is a place for everyone and individual success is measured on who you can help"



Our sponsors play a pivotal role in the success of Black Tennis Connect. We're proud to be associated with organizations who believe in the power of tennis to transform lives and create lasting change. Together, we're not just rewriting the rules of the game; we're reshaping the future of tennis.

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