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Greetings CBTC Family,

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, the weather is not the only thing heating up! CBTC is spicing things up as well to provide more fun and competitive ways to enjoy tennis. We are thrilled to announce that our very first ladder competition will be kicked off on July 18th. The 40 Love Acres & A Mule tennis ladder is all about having fun with a competitive twist. This ladder will be an eight-week competition that will run from July 18th – September 18th. You will be able to join at any time.

At the end of the competition, our top three scorers will win amazing prizes and trophies. The cost to join this ladder will be $15.

Early Bird Special $10 - Ends on July 18th

PLAY RULES Each match participant will receive 2.00 point(s). The match winner will receive 5.00 points. Each set won will earn each player 1.00 point. Going three sets will earn each player 2.00 points. Winning in straight sets will earn a player 1.00 points. More detailed rules regarding supplies, conduct, and cancellations will be on the registration page. As we continue to develop our system, other competitions and ladders will be added in the future. Please assist us in our efforts by providing feedback and suggestions whenever possible.

(If you have an enhanced membership with Charlotte Black Tennis Club, you will be automatically added to this ladder. You can choose to participate at your own discretion.)

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Greetings CBTC Family,

As we all continue to enjoy our holiday weekend, we wanted to take a moment and share our gratitude for the support you all have shared for our organization. One year ago on June 4th, over twenty people of color gathered at Freedom Park to play tennis. It was in that very moment we recognized the apparent need to create community for us in the sport.

Within one years time we have accomplished so much, and none of it would have been possible without you.

With your support we have:

  • Connected over 200 black tennis players in the city of Charlotte

  • Donated $400 to Johnson C. Smith University athletic program

  • Became a certified CTA with the United States Tennis Association

  • Launched the Black Tennis Connect App

  • Raised over $500 for minority youth tennis racquets

  • Partnered with USTA Southern Chapter to host National Tennis Month

  • Launched our G.O.A.T. (Getting Our Adolescents into Tennis) Initiative

As we enter into our second year of operation, we hope to do much more to impact our community. Our reach has now extended far beyond the Queen City, and supporters are eagerly anticipating all that we have in store.

Let's plan to celebrate all we have accomplished thus far by gathering as family to enjoy music, great food, and some fun and games. Click below to learn more about our one-year anniversary celebratory events.

One-Year Anniversary Events

Jazz Jams & Martinis


Escape Rooms

Brunch Party

Jams & Slams Tennis Session

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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Happy National Tennis Month Family!

National Tennis Month is a nationwide grassroots effort driven by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and its industry partners celebrating tennis, a sport which challenges one both physically and mentally. For 31 straight days, players, local coaches, facilities, retailers, tennis manufacturers and more will be driving awareness about the sport and its benefits by bringing existing and new players to the game with special events, promotions and play opportunities in their communities.

It’s is only right that CBTC get in on all of the fun! We have partnered with USTA to bring you events curate by beautiful black tennis players like yourself. If you missed, our Tennis is a Vibe: Jams & Slams session, we feel sorry for you! We had a blast playing doubles, dancing and competing in challenges to win private lessons. But do not worry we have something planned every week for the month of May to celebrate. Below are some of the amazing events you can look forward to:

May 14rd, 2022

Family Tennis Day @ "Da Tuck"


$10 Donation

May 22nd, 2022

From Paris, With Love: French Open Watch Party

PINHOUSE | 2:30 PM - 7 PM

$10 Donation for Minority Youth Tennis Summer Camps

May 28th, 2022

Afro-Soca Love - Black Owned Marketplace & Kids Racquet Drive

Black box theatre | 1 PM - 5 PM

Host Associated Fee

Register for all events by following this link,

We hope you are all able to participate in if not all, some of these events because they are guaranteed to be a great time. Looking ahead at our schedule, it seems as if the fun and growth of our organization is going hand and hand. We have launched our tennis ball machine rental service, in June we will celebrate our 1-year anniversary and by the end of this week we will have tennis meet-ups scheduled for every day of the week.

We recognize the our tennis family is growing at a very rapid rate. With that growth comes more challenges we face, like waiting for courts. Our board is working on making some changes to our dynamic to ensure we eliminate this issue and have more structure starting in June. Information will be shared in regards to those changes within the next two weeks. We hope everyone continue to enjoy their summer and we look forward to seeing you all out on the courts.

P.S. SAVE THE DATE: American Tennis Association tournament is scheduled for July 23rd – 31st, 2022. We plan on attending July 28th-31st. When the USLTA issued a policy statement formally barring African-American tennis players from its competitions, the Association Tennis Club of Washington, DC, and the Monumental Tennis Club of Baltimore, Maryland, conceived the idea of the American Tennis Association (ATA).

The ATA was born when representatives from more than a dozen black tennis clubs met in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 30, 1916, Thanksgiving Day. This is the largest gather of African-American tennis players and enthusiast in the U.S.

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