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Greetings CBTC Family,

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, the weather is not the only thing heating up! CBTC is spicing things up as well to provide more fun and competitive ways to enjoy tennis. We are thrilled to announce that our very first ladder competition will be kicked off on July 18th. The 40 Love Acres & A Mule tennis ladder is all about having fun with a competitive twist. This ladder will be an eight-week competition that will run from July 18th – September 18th. You will be able to join at any time.

At the end of the competition, our top three scorers will win amazing prizes and trophies. The cost to join this ladder will be $15.

Early Bird Special $10 - Ends on July 18th

PLAY RULES Each match participant will receive 2.00 point(s). The match winner will receive 5.00 points. Each set won will earn each player 1.00 point. Going three sets will earn each player 2.00 points. Winning in straight sets will earn a player 1.00 points. More detailed rules regarding supplies, conduct, and cancellations will be on the registration page. As we continue to develop our system, other competitions and ladders will be added in the future. Please assist us in our efforts by providing feedback and suggestions whenever possible.

(If you have an enhanced membership with Charlotte Black Tennis Club, you will be automatically added to this ladder. You can choose to participate at your own discretion.)

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Jonatan Esteban
Jonatan Esteban
08 juil. 2023


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