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Greetings CBTC Family,

As our family continues to grow, we are steadily reaching a community of players that are interested in doing primarily one thing and that is playing tennis. This organization was founded on the constructs of creating a safe place for players of all levels and walks of life. The environment that we foster is a representation of who we are. Charlotte Black Tennis Club is NOT an organization that will tolerate any forms of intimidation or bullying. Bullying can manifest itself in varied forms while playing tennis it can be a glare, insults, intimidation, name-calling, overly aggressive playing, or blatant disrespect. This behavior is completely unacceptable. We must continue culturing an environment that is welcoming to all and we cannot achieve this if we are not supportive of an inclusive respectful environment for our own people. If you feel that you can not extend this common courtesy, this may not be the tennis organization for you. If it is shared with us that you have engaged in the mentioned behavior you will be blocked, denied admission to our events, and will no longer have access to our network of players. Charlotte Black Tennis Club has always and will continue to support an environment for players of color to grow, network, and develop their desired skillset. The impact you can have on your peers is detrimental to how they may view themselves and their feelings towards the tennis community. We are a family and we must be respectful of our own people because if we don’t…who will? TENNIS FOR US

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